X-Files’ Chris Carter interview: ‘The X-Files has more life in it – with or without Gillian Anderson’

After stumbling back on to our screens with season 10, The X-Files has hit the ground running with season 11.

The US is four episodes in to what may well be the last ever run of Chris Carter’s paranormal series, with lead actress Gillian Anderson swearing that this is it for her. The UK gets the season premiere tonight (February 5)

X-Files season 11

So Digital Spy got on the phone with Chris to ask him all about re-opening The X-Files, writing FBI conspiracies in the age of Donald Trump, and what Gillian’s departure means for the future of the show. Here’s what he had to say.

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Hard Sun episode 1 review: A daft, fun, sci-fi crime thriller to burn off the winter chills

“Pushing through the market square, so many mothers sighing / News had just come over, we had five years left to cry in…”

As well as his more oblique cut-ups and allegories, David Bowie was a pretty efficient storyteller when he wanted to be. His …Ziggy Stardust… opener ‘Five Years’ is one of his best. News hits Earth that the apocalypse is coming in five years. Earth reacts. That’s pretty much it.

For BBC One’s high concept new drama Hard Sun, creator Neil Cross (Luther, Spooks… and it shows) has not only borrowed the track for his closing montage, he’s also pretty much said, “What if ‘Five Years’ but also a gritty, occasionally violent London buddy cop crime thriller”.

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All the things you have to watch to make it a proper Christmas – Doctor Who

Christmas is about doing normal things a little differently. It’s about bringing the family together. So for one day a year, Doctor Who has to appeal to a much wider audience than the usual nerdy children aged 5-105 who will tune in anyway.

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Twin Peaks’ Mark Frost interview: ‘The Final Dossier doesn’t close off Season 4’

Twin Peaks fans had to wait 25 long years before they finally got any sort of resolution to the shocking, head-splitting moments at the end of Season 2 of David Lynch’s iconically surreal TV series.

While prequel movie Fire Walk With Me dodged the issue altogether, Season 3 was at least a proper follow-up, although it skipped answering plenty of the questions fans had – and instead just asked a bunch more.

Twin Peaks season 3

“I don’t know why people expect art to make sense when they accept the fact that life doesn’t make sense,” said Lynch the year before the original Twin Peaks, his collaboration with screenwriter, director and producer Mark Frost aired in 1990.

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TV Wrestling

Hold Up – Rampant sexual harassment and institutional sexism are still stopping wrestling from appealing to women

Wrestling is having something of a cultural moment. Not the sweaty freestyle you saw in Foxcatcher, but the OTT world of professional wrestling, that exhilarating mix of sport, soap and showmanship.

With GLOW prepping a second season on Netflix and WWE exec Stephanie McMahon popping up on Lorraine to talk up the size of her company’s female audience, it’s clear that women are a key part of wrestling’s new leap at the mainstream.

Becky Lynch in the WWE

But the regressive sexism of the GLOW era is far from a thing of the past. At a recent independent show in the Midlands, one man started yelling “get your tits out” at a young female wrestler. It wasn’t an isolated incident…

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