Ryan Adams – ‘To Be Without You’

“Nothing really matters anymore.”

Released on December 23, 2016,  ‘To Be Without You’ is the second single from the upcoming 16th (SIXTEENTH!) solo Ryan Adams album Prisoner, due out on February 17.

It follows the much thrashier, heavier, ‘Do You Still Love Me?’ and is back to that country, twangy, almost ‘Sweet Home Alabama’-y country Heartbreaker vibe.

Last year, on maybe the best song of the best album of the year – ‘I Need You’ from Skeleton Tree, Nick Cave kept singing “Nothing really matters /nothing really matters when the one you love is gone”.

Despite covering pretty much the same ground, isn’t nearly as bleak. How could it be? How could anything be? More tugging at your heartstrings than dragging you into the most despairing dark pit of gloom.

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